Organic restaurant Framingham MA

Our Mission

Since 2016

Nzuko means “gathering” in Igbo, a language of Southern Nigeria

Organic Restaurant Framingham MA


There is no better name for our restaurant. Our mission is to gather the freshest ingredients, the best global recipes, and the best people from all over to have create something unique. Gathering is at the heart of everything we do. We gathered our traditional roots and introduced new influences into our cuisine to create something new and amazing.

We created a Gathering table in our restaurant to gather friends and strangers alike to enjoy our meals together.

Our Approach

Only Fresh Ingredients

Healthy. Organic. Fresh. Global. Nutrition.

Those are the five aspects we always bring to the table any time we prepare any dish and serve it. All of our dishes are always sourced organically and fresh, and prepared with global recipes that promote nutrition and health. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring though, as all of our dishes are packed with flavor and spirit.

Organic restaurant Framingham MA